Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party • Partner and Soup Reveal • Owls

It's here, it's here!!!!  My Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) package arrived and I couldn't be more excited!!!!

The BSBP is truly one of my favorite blogging activities!  Created by the talented jewelry artist, Lori Anderson, the BSBP was on hiatus while Lori battled some health challenges.  But I'm delighted to report the Party has been revived.

This year, Lori added a theme: Bead Hoarders Edition.  Can't we all relate to that!?!?!  Who hasn't hoarded something pretty, with the best intentions of eventually creating something with it?!   She also encouraged everyone to create their BSBP package before they were partnered, so that we influenced to create our BSBP soup, based on who our partner was.  Here was my package and note:

I knew I was giving in the spirit of this theme, because I struggled a bit on whether I wanted to even give it away!! That said, I'm super happy that this pretty focal is going to get its due with the BSBP!

In the meanwhile, I was partnered with none other than, micro-macrame knotting extraordinaire, Sherri Stokey!!  Can I just say, I have been drooling over her work for YEARS! Seriously - if you haven't had a chance, check out her amazing micro-macrame on her Etsy page or follow her on Facebook.  Here is Sherri's blog, Knot Just Macrame (and may I also give her HUGE props for her clever business name!?)

Now onto the bead soup that she sent me!!!!!  Yippee!  First of cute is this packaging!?

Next: this card!!! Oh my goodness.  LOVE!

And anyone who has been reading my blog will know that my head just about exploded when I got to the part in the note about an "owl pendant"! WHAT!? Talk about synergy!

I LOVE OWLS! In fact, just yesterday I trudged through a foot and a half of snow just to get a glimpse of my neighborhood great horned owl pair (as referenced in this post ), and saw Papa Owl fly away.  At which time, I scanned the tree line for 30 minutes and took lots of pictures.  Wasn't sure if I got anything (blame it on my middle aged eyes!) until I got back to my computer and was delighted to see I was aiming my camera just where I thought he perched!

Oops - I digress - back to my soup reveal:

I LOVE IT! Thank you Sherri! I am positively swooning over my pendant and beads.  I love birds and especially owls, and this earthy color scheme is going to be tons of fun to work with! I can't wait to begin working on this!  Come back on March 25th for the reveal party!!!

Since we're on the subject of owls, I'll leave you with this video I captured last month of a screech owl trilling in his tree hole! Love these pint size owls! They are so cute!! (And doesn't this guy kind of match the colors of my bead soup!!???)

(This video was also captured on my new Canon Powershot, more about that camera if you click here!)


  1. Awesome soup! I love owlies too!

  2. Stinkin' cute or what! Look forward to the reveal!

  3. That is an amazing catch on your camera! wow! Have fun creating :)

  4. Awesome Amy, Sherri Stokey! I'm a big fan of her work also. I know you will have fun creating something wonderful to show off the owl.


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