Saturday, March 11, 2017

UFO (Un-finished Objects) Blog Hop

When Karen Williams posted the idea of doing a UFO blog hop, I knew I had to get in on it!  I have several drawers in my beading nook where I store unfinished objects!

Frankly I rarely open these unless i"m stuffing something in there! So this was the first time, in I don't know how long, I opened these drawers to actually finish something!

Decisions, decisions!

My first instinct was to work on this pendant which was my Bead Soup Blog Party creation from many years ago.  It fell apart about two years ago and it didn't even make it into the UFO drawer for a while b/c I love the pendant and loved wearing it.

I just was so stuck on using the other coordinating beads, that I never did anything to put it back together again.  So for this piece I added a chain!

A little bit of a cop-out for this challenge, so there is more!

I pulled out this piece, which I knew was super old b/c I rarely use the nymo thread any more since I switched to Fireline a few years ago.

  It appears I stopped with this one just before finishing the edge, which Ill admit here and now is my least favorite part of bead embroidery!

And given the nature of this blog hop, I thought that working on this "FOCUS" pendant was very apropos!

When I originally started this (and I remember it was back in Maryland when I had a whole room for my beading!), my intention was to create a small wall hanging to hang near my beading table.  So I stuck with that idea and finally finished this mini wall hanging, with the message that I sometimes need when I'm sitting at my bead table!

THANK YOU Karen for hosting this fun hop.  I dare say, I could use this catalyst more frequently!

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I can't wait to visit some of my friends on this list today!

And a quick P.S.... since I 'rebranded' my blog to be "Amybeads...and birds" (and because I'm still giddy about this particular sighting),  I do want to share this photo of an absolutely amazing owl I had the pleasure to view last night.  This bird is a extremely rare in New England since it typically lives in the Pacific northwest and Western Canada! It's the Great Grey Owl!  So without further ado, here is this magnificent creature:


  1. How amazing that you've actually got your pieces semi organize in drawers! I believe I could fill that much space with my UFOs, but sadly mine are all over the place ... stuffed here and there. I love your little wall hanging and agree that the edging is my least favorite part! And that necklace pendant is beautiful. Your grey owl is amazing ... I love how he is just staring straight at you!

  2. Wow Amy, that is a whole lot of UFO's! I like the simplicity of the ball chain on the pendant it lets the pendant stand out. I love the FOCUS mini wall hanging that was a good idea for that UFO. Last but not least the Owl he is one beautiful bird! How lucky you were to have such a rare sighting.

  3. I know just what you mean about your UFO drawers. They really are rather like oubliettes of good intentions, aren't they? I definitely needed the push of a challenge to go through mine!

    I'm glad your pendant can now be worn as a necklace again - it's too pretty to be stuck in a drawer. Isn't it interesting what can trip us up in finishing projects? Your little wall hanging is really cute (and I have to admit I find all sorts of ways to get around edging my bead embroideries like that).

    And I love the photo of the owl. I live in the Pacific Northwest, but have never seen one so close!

    Thanks for joining in!

  4. I laughed when you said you rarely open your UFO drawers except to stuff something in.

    I would not say adding a chain to that pendant is a cop-out. It's a smart, simple solution! Not everything needs a beaded chain. I'm also with you that the edging is the most boring part of bead embroidery. Especially when I'm working with an odd shape, I seem to experience some dread when I face edging.

    I love how you finished the focus pendant and turned it into a wall hanging. The colors are beautiful and the fringe so cute!

    The owl photo - WOW. A magnificent creature and a sensational shot. What a face. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your bird photography.

  5. Hmm, your drawers look a lot like mine... I also tend to stuff things in them without actually looking at what's in the drawer.

    The simple round pendant is great. Sometimes simpler is better. There's no shame in just adding a chain, especially if it means you will wear it.

    And your mini wall hanging is great. I have a bird wall in my studio. I keep thinking I need to bead up a few of those bird squares from Bead it Forward a few years ago. I think beaded wall adornment is a great idea.

    And holy moley what an magnificent owl! And a great photo. You must have a great zoom on your camera.

  6. I guess a few of us have drawers for our UFO's, LOL. I like the way you finished your wall hanging. I am just starting to try bead embroidery, but it isn't going very well.

  7. That owl pic is fabulous. Wonder what he was doing in this part of the country? Seeing your UFOs makes me feel MUCH better about my own. lol

  8. Your drawers look a lot like mine, and I don't visit mine much either. Just a quick open to throw something in there while I try not to look at what is already there. I love the simplicity of the chain with that pendant. It shows it off nicely. I love the mini wall hanging too, my favorite colors! That owl picture is amazing, magnificent bird and wonderful picture.

  9. AMY!!! That owl!!! I have to show the BirdMan. He needs to get his butt on social media and see your shots for himself. The rarity of a sighting in your area is eclipsed only by the stunning photography. Love the addition to your blog name ~ Truly!
    The Focus wall hanging is such a perfect project for this UFOing. If we all practice that, maybe we would have few to none UFOs! Nice project.
    And the ball chain is a perfect understated addition to that gorgeous pendant ~ what an absolute lovely piece.

  10. Both of your completed objects turned out beautifully. I have to say that the mini wall hanging really appeals to me. The tiny is cute factor is strong here. Way to go in getting a few things out of those drawers and done! I should probably do the same! eek!

  11. Oh my gosh-just loved touring through your treasure-trove of UFO's. It's always so wonderful to know that others share the "I'll finish this later" gene. And I do love the focus wall hanging. Maybe it should go close to your UFO drawer for inspiration! :-) But my absolute favorite is that absolutely-gorgeous owl. His eyes really give him that "don't mess with me" aura.


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