Thursday, September 7, 2017

Color Palettes!

After this weekend's post, I realized I had made a bunch of color palettes last year, but never posted them! I had created them for Znet Shows' Creative Spark Magazine:

While reviewing my blog to see if I had posted any of these palettes, I came to find some of my favorite pieces were inspired by color palette challenges:

Perhaps it's time for a color palette challenge blog hop?  
Let me know in the comments!


  1. that could be fun! I'm in on a hop .... seems like forever since I did one

  2. I am absolutely GAGA over that last bracelet ~ either because of my well documented lust for van Gogh or because it is just plain gorgeous!
    I am not a fan of color palettes (I feel bad about telling Cynthia I don't like jazz), but I am in! I need this for myself and for my dead on the web blog and because I like you :-)

  3. These are very beautiful.

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  4. I love your palettes and am always up for a challenge. Give me a shout if you do decide to do the hop! :)


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