Friday, September 29, 2017

Paperless Post

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions in this post, however, are mine.

While I am the first person to enjoy giving and receiving a paper card, the act of going out and buying one, and signing it, finding the person's address to write on the envelope, finding a stamp and then getting it in the mailbox, has fallen into the 'too-much-effort' file over the past few years.

Enter Paperless Post!

They have a HUGE selection of cards for so many occasions.  I recently used the service for some birthday cards and for a thank you card.

It is a lot of fun to peruse the Paperless Post selections.  As you can see on the left, there are many options to filter your selection.  Here I filtered 'free' cards and cards with "orange" in them (since that is my recipient's favorite color!)

These cards are customizable, editing and formatting text are free.  There are also a lot of fun upgrades that will cost you a couple 'coins'. You can buy coins in bulk starting at $6.00 for 20 coins and the deals get better from there.

I love some of these small details that you can customize.  The backdrop is a fun customization available for 1 coin.

There is a fantastic selection of fonts for all you typography lovers.

Customizing the envelope and liner is another small and appreciated detail.

One of my favorite upgrades is selecting a stamp!  How fun is this!?  This is such a sweet little touch and I absolutely love coming to this point in the card creating experience and having the option to select a stamp that matches the design and mood of the card.

Finally add your recipient.  Another great feature is the ability to schedule your delivery.  I love this option, so I can prepare a bunch of cards at the beginning of the month for all my birthday recipients, schedule them to deliver on the morning of their birthday, and then forget about it!

The Paperless Post user experience is an absolute joy.  It is user intuitive, and every page is pleasing to the eye.  There are fantastic free, customizable options, and the paid options will allow you to send something highly customized for well under one dollar.  Paperless Post is convenient, easy, and environmentally friendly! Also - it's just plain fun!

Using Paperless Post has, without a doubt, upped my thoughtfulness game.

In addition to using this service for individuals, there is a robust system for sending out invitations, tracking RSVP's, and sending messages to your guest list.

That's all for today, but the rainy weekend weather forecast tells me I'll be back soon to talk about beads, Bead-it-Forward, and my recent experience participating in the NH Bead Bop!

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