Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thread Colors, Juvenile Birds, and Farm Dinners

Since the beginning of my bead-weaving forays, I've always known the importance of thread color.  Mostly because it might show in between the beads.  In other words, if you are weaving a project in black beads, you don't want hot pink thread to show through.  Well....maybe you do, if that's the look you are going for but as a rule, one might select black thread with a primarily black bead project for a cohesive look.

So over the years, I faithfully purchased every color imaginable of Nymo thread.

I'd heard of folks using Fireline, but I simply couldn't understand why they would when there are so, so many color choices with Nymo!

Fast forward some years later, there was a weaving project I wanted to try that was very crystal heavy and the crystals simply sliced through the Nymo thread.  So for this project, I was finally inspired to try using Fireline.  I'd heard all the fanfare about this stringing material.  It rarely knots while using, it's super strong, etc....   It was all true and I have been hooked since.

You can find Fireline in the fishing section of any store selling fishing supplies, and of course plenty bead supply sources.  The only 'beef' I've ever had with the product is that it comes in only two colors, crystal or smoke.  Though I have seen others post about additional colors, just have never seen it for sale myself!

In spite of the lack of color choices, it is still my favorite bead stringing material. Recently I've been working on some peyote beaded shapes.  The main bead color is a color lined crystal Delica.  I was blown away at the difference in appearance when I used two different color threads.  I thought the color lining would be opaque enough to be hidden by thread color, but no!  Here below is two peyote components using the exact same bead colors but the top one is using smoke Fireline, and the bottom is using crystal Fireline!

In other news, birding is a touch on the quieter side lately, but still awesome.  I have been watching a small group of common yellowthroats over the past couple weeks and they are really coming into their colors.

Here is one of them from about a month ago:

Here is a juvenile from yesterday:

Eventually they will look like this:

Another juvenile bird gave me a treat yesterday as well.  On one of my regular hiking trails, there is a dead tree abutting a pond where I usually view nesting osprey.  The pond is situated in a rather deep valley.  So the dead tree top is practically eye level, and I always wish for one of the osprey to perch on that dead tree.  While that has never happened, I did see a juvenile red tailed hawk there yesterday!

Work is plugging along as usual: busy but inspiring. Each year we do a series of farm dinners on the actual farm where one of the restaurants is located. So far it has monsooned for every dinner, except the most recent dinner, and it was nothing short of magical!  Here were some of my favorite snaps from that day!

Can you see the little bumble bee buzzing between the flowers and the water!? So cute!

These candied cherry tomatoes were glistening in the setting sun.  I did not apply a filter or starburst effect to this photos - these were just sparkling like crazy!

And speaking of the setting sun...once it set, the crescent moon made an appearance in the colorful sky!

Here is a video roundup of the evening as well:
Farm dinner round up from Amy Severino on Vimeo.

And finally - here is a color palette from the same dinner!

Until next time!


  1. Beautiful crescent shot! Well all of your pics are awesome! I use Nymo for a few projects but most of my beadwork has what I still call 'tiger tail' but it's that plastic coated thin wire. I swear by it, but I don't do a lot of bead weaving anymore.

  2. I am reading posts way out of order, it seems! Blogging isn't linear in my brain anymore. The difference between the smoke and crystal fireline was so apparent ~ the beads didn't seem transparent enough for it to make a difference but it sure did! I still think they both look good, but lean toward the crystal. The video is mouthwatering and leaving me with that yearning as we head into October tomorrow and leave the fabulous bounty of August/September behind. Sweet bird shots too!


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