Saturday, November 11, 2017


Happy Fall!

So why did I title this post "Copycat"? Simply because I've been doing a lot of copying! First was a set of earrings.  I saw my friend Therese do it first.  Then my friend Christine.  And I loved what they did so much I had to give it a try!  So I popped on over to Kelly from Off the Beaded Path's tutorial for "Orb Earrings".  Her instructions are really easy and this pattern works up really quickly!

Another project I copied was inspired from my old friends at the Bead Soup store in Savage, Maryland.  If you ever have the opportunity and are in that area of Maryland, I highly recommend you stop by.  Kathy has a great selection of beads and there is always some fun project going on there.  Her line up of designer classes is spectacular too!  Anyway - at ht beginning of October I saw them working on an embroidered sugar skull project.  I have never been a big fan of this type of decor, but these pieces got me hooked.  Check out their Facebook page for a round up of what all her customers did (and a whole lot of other cool stuff to look at!).  And in the meanwhile, here is mine:

Last month I also set up an additional beading station in my house so it has really upped my production.  I am gearing up for a couple of holiday craft shows.  I am making all sorts of Christmas trees with beads.  This year I came across a pattern by "Simple Bead Patterns" and I am loving the way these are coming out too!

I recently purchased the Diamond Duo beads.  I only bought them to add to the sugar skull pictured earlier.  So I decided to see what else I could do with the vial of these pretty beads.  These "Arabella" earrings were found on Linda's Crafty Inspirations blog.  I am only bummed I haven't found this blog earlier in my life!  I've been a card carrying dissenter of the double holed beads for the last few years...but look at me now.  Guess it proves you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

In addition to my personal beading, I've been working on the Bead it forward project as well.  AND my friends Christine and Cynthia have been kind enough to help out with some assembly as well.  Thanks you two!! Stay tuned for a link to purchase these and the quilts! All proceeds go directly to The Healing Garden in Harvard, MA.

Fall has been gorgeous around these here parts.  Colors have been pretty and there have been plenty of fall-themed things to do, like leaf peep, apple pick, corn mazes, etc... 

The birding hasn't been too shabby either.  There was about a week or two of quiet, but then some of the 'winter' birds started showing up.  And now it's a nice mix of those along with some pretties that stick around all year.  

So when it's been too dark, or too cloudy, or wet, I absolutely love to work on my family tree on  I love finding records and documents and putting together little narratives in my mind of the stories of their lives.  It is so fascinating to see little tidbits of information on censuses, death certificates, and directories.  Earlier this year I also took a DNA test, which is helping me with a 'brick wall' in my ancestry.  A place where there are not any records that I can find, but yet I see that I am related to people that have the same ancestors as me.  The DNA test also revealed a secret relative (a not so distant cousin!)!  So it's been really fascinating.  My love of genealogy has encouraged many of my family to start bequeathing me with old family photos.  Here are a few I have absolutely loved getting my hands on!
My great great grandmother and her sisters (early 1900's)

My great grandfather and his two sisters and brother (early 1900's)

My maternal grandparents (late 1940's)

My mom (early 1950's)
And of course, the bulk of my time is consumed with work.  I am so lucky to have a job that I enjoy and to work at a company that has so much eye candy.  And that it's my job to photograph and distribute that eye candy!   Here are some of my faves from the past month.

Well, that's all for now!  More soon!