Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Review: Ready, Set, Bead!

Like it or not, Amazon does a great job 'suggesting' things I might like!  Recently, due to my frequent perusing and purchasing of bead related products, I received a suggestion to check out Jane Danley Cruz's new book, Ready, Set, Bead!: 25+ quick & easy stitching projects.

I was hooked by the segment of the title that says "quick & easy".  I love having a few go-to projects to whip up something fast (for gifts or a new outfit!) and the projects in this book do not disappoint! I also love how the book is divided into sections of approximately how long each project might take to complete.

I usually read through an entire book or magazine and bookmark the projects I want to try, but I usually only book mark them if I think I have the supplies on hand.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that already had nearly all the supplies needed to make most of the projects in this book, so I bookmarked like crazy.

So far I have whipped up some earrings from the 1 hour section and the 2 hour section and these projects live up to their claim of how long they take to complete.

Here is a sample of the "Flying Saucer" earrings.  So fast, and so easy.  Instructions are well stated.

I also made a pair of the "Arabesque" earrings, but gifted them before I had a chance to photograph them!

In spite of all the bookmarks, I got stopped up with the "Darling Dangle" earrings.  Okay, actually....I am completely obsessed.  These are from the 2 hour section, though Jane mentions they may whip up faster if you are an experienced beader. The following pairs were all made in the time it took me to watch 1 Greys Anatomy, 1 Scandal, and 1 This is Us.  Add about 10 minutes before I started the Greys episode to make the first component.  After that it was ridiculously smooth sailing.  There are every bit as darling as their moniker implies.

The last two white pairs are slightly modified, but is still very darling!  I may even attempt to modify these earrings into a necklace.

Having enjoyed these three projects so much, I cannot wait to try the other projects I have bookmarked.

I highly recommend Ready, Set, Bead!: 25+ quick & easy stitching projects. In my humble opinion, it is great for newbies and experienced leaders alike.  Also - please note, I was not solicited to review this book, I just simply love it!


  1. Those dangle darlings are gorgeous!! Sounds like a great book!

  2. What gorgeous earrings. I am loving that blue...

  3. LOVE Those Flying Saucers!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!! and I really love the modified of the other style ~ very very pretty!


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