Sunday, March 4, 2018

Carrier Beads and Color Palettes

A new beading craze!

I saw these words, 'carrier beads', a few times and let it pass right by me.  Then I received a newsletter from Jill Wiseman Designs about carrier beads and made a mental note to check back on that.

Then I opened the email and got a little more curious.

Then I clicked through to her FB group and delighted in what I was seeing!

These two-hole beads, also known as "two hole pillow" beads, are being covered in very simple peyote strips, offering an unending stream of design possibilities.  Just go ahead and google "carrier bead designs" to see for yourself!

I contacted a couple of my local bead shops to see if they were carrying carrier beads...and none were.  Some weren't even sure what I was talking about.  So I ordered some online.  Now I wait.  Somewhat impatiently, might I add.

But hey - I don't need the carrier beads to start making my peyote strips.

Common design ideas are peyote delica strips created with the same two or three colors but with varying patterns.  The results are gorgeous.  I am drooling.  These designs keep reminding me of the designer, Angela Moore. Her hand painted beads and designs often follow a similar design style  Limited color-way, but varying art for beads in the same piece.

I also came across a gorgeous idea from Wescott Jewelry, where she took the same pattern, but did an ombre rainbow effect!  SO MANY IDEAS!!!!  Check it out by clicking here.

For color palettes, the possibilities are also endless.  We often see color palettes in four or five colors, but this new carrier bead craze has inspired me to create a couple of three-color palettes!  I added some delica color suggestions, but since there are so many options for delica colors and finishes, be sure to use your imagination!

In the meanwhile, while I wait for my carrier beads to arrive, I will continue to make the peyote strips, and keep busy with other activities! March 1 marked the deadline for the 2018 Bead-it-Forward square submissions and there are a handful of packages to open, photograph, and log.

At work, my company is opening another restaurant next month, so work is busy to be sure!  But there's always something beautiful to look at or taste, so I'm not complaining!

And finally - the birds are telling me that spring is in the air!  It is a very exciting time in the woods near my home.  There really aren't any words to describe how thrilled I was to see that my favorite bird couple has appeared to have successfully started another clutch this year.  Last year, my friend and fellow birding enthusiast named these two great horned owls, Nate and Ethel.  I first noticed Ethel hunkered down a few weeks ago in a nest.  And now I visit a few times a week and often see Nate on guard duty near by.

Other bird-related signs of spring include red-winged blackbirds arriving in the area, herons scouting out the rookery, and bluebirds in full blue plumage!


  1. oh wow! I haven't heard of 'carrier' beads .... but that is so cool!! I love the look of the designs

  2. I have never seen a bluebird in real life. Or an owl outside an animal park. There have been quite a few snowy owls here this winter and I was unable to go out and try to find them.

  3. <3 Heron <3
    Glad your owls have returned!!!

    I read about carrier beads recently. I am curious to see your outcome. Your peyote strips are fantastic! I am always a proponent of only choosing three (maybe a smidge of a fourth) colors for anything I am making, so yours are so pleasing on the eye.

  4. You must have gotten your carrier beads a while ago. Let's see what you made! Your peyote strips are fabulous, I can't wait to see how they look linked together. As always your bird photos are great. I love birds to begin with, but your pictures make me appreciate them even more.


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