Monday, April 16, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • N • Night Heron

"N" is for night heron, or more specially the black crowned night heron.

Last year was the first time I viewed a black crowned night heron.  I'd seen some posts on the FB birding group I am a member of and it was a very simple tip about these herons being present at the Watertown dam.

When I arrived at the dam, I easily found a great blue heron,  and just a little past the great blue heron,  was a juvenile black crowned night heron.  And at the far end of the dam was an adult black crowned night heron.

I will be checking this dam again this year to see if they are spending some time at the damn fishing!

Today's earrings for the A-Z challenge are made with beads made from pinch pinch-bead beads.  These beaded beads are quite simple to make and look fantastic when complete.  In fact, they were so easy, I made three pair! Don't forget, at the conclusion of the A-Z challenge, I will draw a name from all the commenters, who will be awarded seven pairs of earrings!

Looking forward to the letter "O" tomorrow!


  1. Your bead skills are amazing!!! So are your photos.

  2. Serendiptous! My next A-Z post scheduled is about the blue heron. :)

    Your photos are fabulous! I especially like the top one. :)

  3. That Orange Orange eye and those Yellow Yellow legs <3<3 !!!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pinch bead beads!!!

  4. The dam looks like a great place to see birds. I love to watch how they interact with the water. And the earrings are very pretty, too!

  5. I love your pictures once again. I didn’t even know about this heron but I’m glad to see the great blue heron. One of my nasty cousins, whom I’m glad is long gone and has hot foot right now, came to my parents all proud for killing a great blue heron. We had 2 ponds in the back and my dad didn’t know his nephew did this until the S.O.B. came and proudly showed my dad. My dad told hi. To get off h8s property and if he ever did that again, he was going to take the shotgun to him. Sorry for the sad news there but, t9 this day, it bothers me even though I was only 3 or 4 at the t8me. Now, I love your unique earrings especially the white ones. They look difficult to me to make

    1. Oh my gosh!! this is a CRAZY story and I can completely understand why it bothers you so!!!!


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