Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • O • Osprey

The osprey.  Otherwise known as a fish hawk or a sea hawk.  I am lucky enough to have an osprey couple spend the spring, summer, and fall very very close to my house.

My semi-regular hiking trail, runs along a large pond, and the osprey are just across the pond.  I knew it was far away but a quick measure on Google maps told me it was further away than I realized. Almost 700 feet! It's no wonder my admittedly powerful zoom has trouble capturing anything crisp.

There is another access point for a trail that will take a hiker just a few feed away from the power line that hosts the nest, but let me tell you, that female is not amused if you walk by! Something about her expressive face reminds me of a cartoon!

I only visit the trail close to the nest a few times during the season, as that other side of the pond seems to have tons more ticks than that of my regular hiking trail.  But no matter what side of the pond I am on, I can count on tons of interesting observations when I have this nest in view.

This time of year they are busy sprucing up their nest.

The past two years, they have had successful mating season and it has been fun to see the chicks' head pop up and the parents tend to them (albeit  far away - I mindfully avoid getting close to the nest if the female is sitting on eggs or the babies are very young!)

As its nickname suggests, osprey eat a lot of fish!  About 60-70% of the time I walk by the pond, or their nest, I see one of them with a fish, either resting on a branch with a fish, or flying in with a fish!

If you have read this far, thanks for sticking with this photo-intensive post!  These birds are great subjects!

I hope you will join me tomorrow for the letter "P" (which may also end up brining a lot of photos!)

For today's challenge earrings, I bring you a version of my friend Kristen's design "Pop Up Pearls".  Over the years I have made many of these in different colors and finishes, and the result is aways pleasing.  As a reminder, there will be a drawing for a giveaway of seven pairs of earrings at the conclusion of the A-Z challenge, to enter, just comment on any post this month!


  1. The birds are beautiful! You did get some good shots. Rosalita Moog

  2. Now, that's one I know we have down here too. I see their nests all the time. Platforms are built all along the coast for them to use, but you'll see the nests in lights at ballparks and the like. Some of them actually do use the platforms though. I'm always on the lookout for them as one of the nests is on a route I take about once a week. Your pictures are awesome though. That one of the mom popping her head up is comical.

  3. Those earrings are green goodness! Lovely!

    While I always think your photos of birds dining are my favorites, that last photo of the osprey is by far one of THE BEST photos you have ever taken!!!

  4. I love osprey and of course am a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Funny story. The early settlers misidentified osprey as buzzards, and that's why my village is called Buzzards Bay.

    1. That is a fun and funny fact! Thx for sharing, I had no idea!!!

  5. Great photos! Ospreys are bigger than I thought. Now I'm going to go back and read about some of your other birds!

  6. Boy, you can sure tell when she is looking directly at you! Intense! Great pictures!

  7. Your photos are excellent and I love some of the shots of Mama bird! You’re right, her face reminds me of a cartoon but I can’t recall which one. Your green earrings are brilliant!

  8. I love seeing them fly in with a fish! amazing. Agree with Christine that the last photo is such a great one. I love how you did these earrings - wonderful colors!


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