Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • P • Pileated Woodpecker

P is for pileated woodpecker.  I had a hard time paring down which photos to share, because last year I took just about 1000 photos (that I saved!) of pileated woodpeckers.  

So as I mentioned yesterday, I often hike a trail that runs along a pond in which I see the osprey. On that same trail I had the pleasure of viewing a pair of pileated woodpeckers last year.  In the winter I saw them frolicking in the forest.  

But then in the spring I noticed them heading to these powerlines very frequently. 

When I saw the woodpecker at the powerline I saw he was very busy excavating a hole.  you can even see some of the sawdust flying.  He worked on this hole for about two weeks weeks. 

I swear he was smiling this day I took this picture. 

Throughout the subsequent weeks, I frequently walked by this set of powerlines and kept looking and looking and I would often see one of them fly in or out of the hole. 

You can only imagine my delight one morning in May when I walked by this nest very early in the morning and saw these three head peeking out out. 

 Seriously, could they be any cuter? 

On the first day I just watch the nest for about an hour or so.  As I observed, the mom and dad kept coming back every few minutes to feed them. It was so fun to watch!

A male pileated woodpecker is identified by the red stripe that runs from the base of the beak, towards the back, however you can see i the bottom right photo that the email has a black stripe.
The window of time that you can see the chicks poking their heads out of their nest is  very short one.  I was only able to swing by three additional days and continue to watch. 

About five days after I initially saw the chicks, my friend was watching the nest and reported  that she saw each of them come out of the hole and fly to trees on the edges of the forest.  That was the last we saw them at the nest. 

As the summer war on I still saw pileated woodpeckers on my hikes periodically.  I’m confident I saw the juveniles every now and then too.  

 One day was particularly memorable when a scene unfolded a few power lines down from the woodpeckers' nest.  Every time I look at these photos I feel like I could turn it into a comic strip.  It cracks me up so much the way the bluebird sits there and watches the scene unfold too. That bluebird didn't seem one bit fazed as the juvenile came along screeching and hollering or when mom came along to feed her vociferous juvenile!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will join me for the letter "Q" tomorrow!

Today's earrings for the A-Z challenge are some Czech crystal chandelier earrings.  I thought the color was a nice nod to today's bird, the pileated woodpecker! Anyone who comments will be entered in a drawing to win a week's worth of earrings!


  1. Great shots! WOW! Those noisy buggers wake me up every morning.

  2. I these earrings because of the colour and the Victorian vibe. Yes, you got the colour right with those woodpeckers and they are funny! When I saw the pick of the 3 of them with their heads out and the parent, I couldn’t help thinking they were in a punk rock band

  3. Those guys are beautiful .... but I have to confess woodpeckers make me a little crazy since we have to chase them off the house!

  4. All those Pileateds!!! Awesome shots! It cracks me up that they set up a nest in the utility pole ~ the babies are adorable! And the comic strip was certainly something to witness, I am sure ~ LOL! Love the red beads on these earrings ~ perfect for this post.


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