Friday, April 20, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • R • Red-Tailed Hawk

R is for red-tailed hawk.

These hawks are so widespread and prevalent, I see them almost on the daily.   Usually on my ride to or from work I see them perched on the trees along the highway. On a good day there might even be upwards of 10 to 12 on a 22 mile stretch that I drive.   They are also very common in my town and I know of a few hotspots I check to see them.  

Red-tail hawks have a very defining characteristic you might think it’s there red tail.  However not all red-tailed hawks have a red tail.  It is something they grow into. But if you see a hawk and you’re not sure if it’s a red tail hawk because it doesn’t have a red tail one thing you can look for is the markings around the belly. Often referred to as a belly band.   Even if they don't have their red tail yet, a red tailed hawk will always have a belly band. 

On one of my hiking trails in town, there is at least one established pair, and throughout the summer, the juveniles very loudly call out for their parents attention! 

One of my favorite encounters with a red tailed hawk occurred when I was visiting the Nashua River with hopes of viewing a bald eagle.  The eagle was a bust, but when my friend and I return to the parking area which was basically a small field abutting new construction we came across a young juvenile red-tailed hawk.

This bird did not seem to care one whit that we were nearby, so we spent about an hour with it while it flew about the field unsuccessfully hunting.  

This photo here below, is one of my favorite photos from that day, although unfortunately only the pine needles were in focus. I was really rooting for this juvenile hawk to find this chipmunk as he was trying so hard to get a meal. 

Finally after many many attempt, this hawk managed to capture a vole and consumed that snack right in front of us!

Maybe I only imagine a bird is displaying a personality, but some of them really seem to exude my mind this red-tailed hawk said, "How do you like me now?" 

Before he strutted away.

Today's challenge earrings are a simple dark copper swallow charm with a pink stone!  If you comment on any post during the A-Z challenge, you will be entered in a drawing for seven pairs of earrings! 

Thanks for taking this photo walk with me, I hope you will join me tomorrow for the letter "S".


  1. Now I have this song, “How do you like me now.” going through my head...hahahaa. He seems quite victorious with his strut but the chipmunk outwitted him. I now know what to look for when looking at a hawk. Love the earrings with the pink stone

  2. Wow, the pictures you caught of that young hawk are so cool!

  3. The Chipmunk photo, as well as the strut photo should become part of your comic strip!!!


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