Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • S • Sparrow

S is for sparrow.

You can't even imagine the depth of the furrowed brow I get from non-birders, when I stop to grab a snap of a sparrow!  To a non-birder, a sparrow is about as common and uninteresting as a bird will get.

But in fact, there are actually so many different species of sparrows! Once you start to see the little differences, it is quite fun to stumble across a sparrow species you have never seen.

The above guide is very helpful, but I have this image below, on my phone to help me in a pinch. I usually just stumble across the same 5 or 6 species though, so I can identify them pretty easily.

Admittedly, the house sparrow is the most eye-roll-inducing, annoying species amongst the sparrow family. They are a genuine nuisance, often kicking birds out birdhouses, and/or nesting in incredibly inconvenient locations. Their habitat is usually near people.  Still they are a handsome bird.

Next up is the field sparrow.  I see these in fields, as their name suggests, and also in brushy low-bush areas, such as paths where there are power line rights of way.

The song sparrow is also quite common, and I typically only see them on hiking paths and near rivers and swamps.  These are one of my favorites because their song is so lovely and they arrive to my region when the warmer weather does.

The chipping sparrow stops at bird feeders quite often, but I've never seen anyone hate on the chipping sparrow the way they do on the house sparrow!

I always find it a treat to see the savannah sparrow. This is probably because the only place I've ever seen one, is at the farm on one of my work's properties!

Finally - a more unusual sparrow is the swamp sparrow.  I only saw this bird once, when I was observing other birds at a pond, and this swamp sparrow was in the swampy area by the shoreline.  I knew I should be excited about this observation, because after I posted a photo of it on a bird ID website, the photo received a lot of comments like "Wow, nice find!" and "Cool, where was this?"

There are many other sparrows out there and I may have forgotten a few that I have seen! Here's to hoping a stumble upon a few new sparrow species this year!

Today's earrings are one of my favorite 'go-to' seed bead designs, a simple peyote fan, starting with a small bead and working your way up to larger beads.  These were made with a mixture of purple and muted gray seed beads.  Anyone who comments on the A-Z posts this month will be entered in a drawing for seven pairs of earrings!

See you Monday for the letter "T".


  1. oh my, I am behind in my blogging and visiting of blogs! Lovely post ... but can't believe you're already to 'S' !!! how many have I missed?

  2. beautiful homage to the humble sparrow - I have a friend who is a bird nut and he is very selective about what birds he pursues - me I like them all - they are all a wonder - I mean they fly for a start. love the photos - shows them off nicely

  3. Beautiful earrings. I had no idea there were that many kinds of sparrows! They are very pretty in your pics.

  4. I had no idea that the4e were this many sparrows! Now I know I have nothing but sparrows around the bird feed:) these are another great pair of earrings!! Gosh I love these from the style to the colours. You do excellent work!

  5. Those earrings! They are really sublime!

  6. That swamp sparrow is beautiful in all its simplicity ~ it looks like a friendly little bird ~ all the greens around it soften the look ~ it is a peaceful photo. I like that semicircle under the eye too. And these earrings are the best go-to earrings, as you always pick great colors for them! I need to try them sometime.

  7. What a fantastic pattern! Peyote switching up the sizing?


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