Saturday, April 28, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • Y • Yellowthroat

Y is for yellowthroat.  Though it is technically called the "common yellowthroat", I dropped the "common" because it is such a frequent prefix to bird names, and of course, this fits very well into the letter Y!

When I see a common yellowthroat at the beginning of the season, I say to myself am I in the jungle or central Massachusetts.  These birds have a tropical feel, perhaps that's because they spend most of the year in central America and only breed here in the US.  The male is striking with its bright yellow throat and black mask.

The female is a bit more bland, but her glowing yellow throat gives her away and lives up to her moniker.

Last year I had the luck and pleasure of viewing some fledged juvenile common yellow throats.  They were so cute with their scruffy feathers, giant gape and awkward stance!

Wow! I cannot believe this is the second to last day of the A-Z challenge!  I hope you will join me on Monday for the final letter, Z!

This earring design is from an old Bead & Button magazine and it was so easy I memorized it!  I believe it was called "Mosaic" and it is a variation of right angle weave.  As a reminder, I will hold a drawing of all the names who commented during the a-z challenge and the drawing winner will receive 7 pairs of earrings!


  1. That pop of yellow is so joyful!
    Lovely earrings too!

  2. I think I have seen this little scruffy bird and it is so cute. Love the bright purple earrings...they remind me of grapes

  3. So fun to see the young bird ... I have some that nest outside the window where I sit and bead and I love watching the nest. What a lovely bead pattern!

  4. Beautiful bird pictures! Lookin in for A to Z.


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