Monday, May 7, 2018

Blogging from A-Z • Reflections

WOW! Where to begin!?

First I want to start, exactly where I ended on my final A-Z post, which is to say THANK YOU again to all the folks who visited and commented.  Over the weekend, I reread all the comments from April while I was putting everyone's 'names in a hat' for the earrings drawing I held. It was absolutely wonderful to hear from old friends and make new friends while I posted each day.  A huge shout out to Christine, of One Kiss Creations, and Birgit, of BB Creations, who commented on EVERY post!   There were many others who commented often, and some who commented a little, and some who commented once. Whether it was a little or a lot, every comment meant the world to me.  So THANK YOU AGAIN!

Now with that said, I must admit/confess, that I was absolutely terrible about responding to everyone's wonderful comments, checking out other A-Z Bloggers, and keeping up with my 'regular' blogs that I follow. My excuse? Well, my excuse is I'm generally bad at that anyway. But at the beginning of the month, the company I work for opened a fourth restaurant so I can report with confidence, I was extra busy!  I'm sure I logged enough photos at work in the first two weeks of April to do another A-Z with food & beverage as the subject, like I did back in 2016!

This year's A-Z was definitely one of my favorites.  Come to find out, I REALLY enjoy talking about birds and sharing photos and anecdotes from my sightings and observations.  And during the month of April and in this past week since its conclusion, many more fun birding moments occurred.  So naturally, this A-Z "Reflections" post will leave you with a few more photos and anecdotes!

During the opening of said restaurant, specifically on the day of the letter 'F', I was at work while guests for one our VIP soft openings were beginning to pour in.  It had snowed that day, because well, what else does it do on April 6 in New England!?  Anyway, the snow ended, and the sun was coming out and I glanced out into the parking lot and was floored to see a huge flock of cedar waxwings in a tree in the parking lot!

From afar, I watched them swooping down to the bushes below, which I realized were juniper bushes, and finally I said to one of my colleagues, "I'll be back in 10 minutes, I need to go see these beauties up close."  And I marched over to the other side of the parking lot and enjoyed a few minutes with them!

As I mentioned during the letter "M", I have been observing a great horned owl nest near my house.  These owlets have been growing SO fast and as of Saturday, one of them has fledged, and I"m sure the siblings aren't far behind.

AND in the last two weeks with spring migration barely getting started, I have already clocked THREE life birds! (As mentioned in the letter "I", "life birds", or "lifer" is a term birders use to describe a bird they've seen for the first time in their life!)

The blue-gray gnatcatcher:

The blue-headed vireo:

And my favorite lifer since last year's indigo bunting, is a bird I didn't even know I wanted to see, but took my breath away when I observed it last week, the norther parula! Isn't he a beaut!?  His song wasn't too shabby either!

Finally - it is time to announce the winner of the A-Z drawing.  I entered all the names into a tool on Random Name Picker and on line tool.  I entered a name for every time a person commented, so it is not surprising that with 26 entries, Birgit's name was drawn!  Congratulations Birgit! Birgit was also an A-Z participant.  She is a movie aficionado and a creator of handmade cards.  Go on over and check out her blog: BB Creations!

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