Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New England Bead Bop

Wow, nearly five months have passed since my last blog post.  I've been thinking about this blog a lot though.  Now that the daylight is shortening, and the weather has been slightly questionable of late, I have finally found time to get to it!

I have not been beading a ton, but I try to find a little time in each day (or so!) to work on a few projects, including, but not limited to these below!

In addition, last month was the New England Bead Bop.  This event was formerly called the New Hampshire Bead Bop, but this year it expanded to Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut too.

As a reminder, the gist of this event is: visit participating stores, partake in awesome Bead Bop sales, get your passport stamped, enter raffles to win fantastic beady baskets.

 Lucky for me, one of the stores is just a couple towns over from me, Beadles, in Chelmsford MA.  I didn't have time to hit but 3 out of the 10 stores this year, but I hit Beadles three times in September and their sales and free gifts were AMAZING! How cute was this little charm!?

Just to add to my bead buying spree, another local store, Art of Bead, in Leominster MA, was also having a spectacular sale.  And it seemed every time I hit Michael's, and dared to stroll down their bead aisles, they were also offering deep discounts.  So suffice it to say, I stocked up on beads this September!

I have also been working on the Bead-It-Forward project, assembling the squares and applying them to quilts and other crafted objects.  I hope to have some of these items on the BIF Etsy site soon.

Work is busy and sometimes a tad overwhelming.  But the view isn't so shabby a lot of the time!

In birding news, it was another banner summer of birds and wildlife in north central Massachusetts.

I was also blessed with a super huge treat of having a pair of robins nest in a bush outside one of our windows at home.  From laying the eggs (July 14) to the robins growing and fledging the nest (August 4) took a mere three weeks.  Nature is so amazing!  We were super lucky one morning, just before heading out for the day, to see the last of the juveniles actually leave the nest.

That's all for today, and here's to hoping in the next day or so I catch up on READING my favorite blogs! If you have made it this far, thanks for catching up with me!

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