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In 1994, I ventured into a bead store, Bedazzled in Washington, DC, and wondered to myself, "How can there be an entire store that only sells beads?"  It didn't take long to understand. I was captivated at the vast array of beads in different sizes, colors, and finishes.  Leaving with a bead kit and some tools, I returned to the store twice that day for more beads...and the rest is history.   I love working with all sorts of beads, but seed beads are my favorite.  When using seed beads with off-loom beadweaving techniques, the sky is the limit with the types of jewelry and art work that can be created.

In addition to beading, I also enjoy needle felting and watercolor, along with many other crafts.  See what I'm up to currently, by visiting my Instagram account: @amybeadscreates


Amy is a native New Englander currently residing in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.  She focuses on off-loom bead weaving techniques creating jewelry, home decor, holiday ornaments, and art work with beads. Amy has been published in a wide variety of industry related magazines as well as the book, The Art of Beadwork.

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