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In 1994, I ventured into a bead store, Bedazzled in Washington, DC, and wondered to myself, "How can there be an entire store for just beads?" It didn't take long to understand as I gazed at the vast array of beads in different sizes, colors, and finishes. Leaving with a bead kit and some tools, I returned to the store twice that day for more beads...and the rest is history. I love working with all sorts of beads, but seed beads are my favorite. Using seed beads with off-loom beadweaving techniques, the sky is the limit to the types of jewelry that can be made. Beads aren't just for jewelry, some of my creations include ornaments and art pieces, as well.

In addition to beading, I also also enjoy felting and watercolring, along with many other crafts. See what I'm up to currently, by visiting my Instagram account: @amybeadscreates.


Amy is a native New Englander currently residing in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. She focuses on off-loom bead weaving techniques creating jewelry, home decor, holiday ornaments, and art work with beads. Amy has been published in a wide variety of industry related magazines as well as the book, The Art of Beadwork.

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